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inner Redneck
Deer Hunting:
My first hunt
                        for deer!
2014 - 2015
My second
                        deer season
2015 - 2016
My third deer
2016 - 2017
                        fourth deer season
2017 - 2018
                        fifth deer season
2018 - 2019

                            sixth deer season
                            seventh deer season

2019 - 2020
2020 - 2021

"Ever since 2013, I have been on a quest
to get in touch with my inner-redneck"

My inner Redneck!
inner Redneck
A large part of being a redneck, I believe,
is partaking of the culture around hunting,
especially the hunt for whitetail deer.

inner Redneck
inner Redneck
All you hunters are lazy!
"All you hunters are lazy!" It's pretty bad when
your dinner ends
eating your lunch!
inner Redneck
inner Redneck
inner Redneck
is meticulously developed and proudly hosted by:
Mark Gainey
2015-2019, Mark Gainey
inner Redneck
inner Redneck