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2nd Amendment to
                  the U.S. Constitution
How can anyone be a redneck
without having GUNS?
2nd Amendment to
                  the U.S. Constitution

5:46 p.m. CDT Saturday, September 19, 2015

Video of me at Rock Stand (Roanoke) firing a fully-automated M16.
No worries!  Tim's neighbor/cousin Wayne is a cop with a Class 3 license!

green tip      PMC M855 ball ammunition

Inside the magazine are those expensive
green-tips that
the BATFE tried to ban in March 2016.

First time with M16

In front of the RED LINE, just for a photo

After I got yelled at by the range officer
Mark is at the 40-acre property in Rock Stand

This is me at the rifle range at the
Charlie Elliott WMA in Mansfield, Georgia.
What I am holding is my favorite shotgun, the Kel-Tec KSG.
August 30, 2014
This is me trap-shooting at the 40-acre property in Roanoke.
I am using a 28-inch 20-gauge Remington 870 shotgun.
Holstered is a .32 caliber Burgo revolver (1968 edition).
January 1, 2015

Glock 23 on hunting platform
First hunt in Alabama

This is me on the newly-constructed hunting platform.
  My Glock 23 (.40 caliber S&W) has flat dark earth Cerakote.
  November 21, 2015
This is me walking over to hunt for the first time in Alabama.
My hunting rifle is a Browning .30-06 A-bolt.
Holstered is a .40 caliber Charter Arms Pit Bull revolver.
November 27, 2015

I can hold my
                  Daddy's AK!

The family that plays together, shoots together!
My wife has the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 Shield.
My daughter has the Phoenix Arms HP22A auto-loader.
March 6, 2015
My daughter is so proud to hold her Daddy's AK-47!
Olivia is brandishing the Romanian variant, a WASR-10/63.
Serious Girl Power.  Look out, ISIS!
May 26, 2014

Guess who is
                  going to be a future NRA member?  She has a natural
Wilson Shoals
                  Shooting Range in Alto, Georgia

Olivia gets to shoot a real gun for the first time.
She is holding the same (unloaded) Phoenix Arms HP22A.
This was on the back porch of the hunting shack in Roanoke.
February 20, 2016
This time, we did a father-daughter trip to Alto, Georgia.
She got to hold the Colt M4 AR, but was not ready to shoot it.
We were at the Wilson Shoals WMA Shooting Range.
June 6, 2016


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