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Oh, Deer!
Pre-Season Trailcam Video
for the property in Alabama
March 2016

There was no good video in spring;
after which, I got new trail cameras.

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Regular Season Trailcam Video:


Deer Season November 2016
December 2016 (coming soon!)
January 2017 (coming soon!)

Deer Hunting:

My first
                      hunt for deer!  My second deer
                  season  My third deer
                  season  My fourth
                  deer season

Displayed below were my first trail
photographs of any deer, ever (late 2015)...
This is what ultimately inspired me to hunt in Alabama

Tuesday, 10-26-2015 Tuesday, 10-26-2015 Friday, 10-30-2015
Our first picture ever!
Tuesday, early morning
October 26, 2015
Our first color photo of deer
Tuesday, late morning
October 26, 2015
Our first photo of bucks
Friday. at dusk
October 30, 2015

Friday, 10-30-2015
Friday, 10-30-2015 Saturday, 11-07-2015
This is getting exciting!
Friday, after dusk
October 30, 2015
Look at that bad boy's rack!
Friday, after dusk
October 30, 2015

Two does, this time
Saturday late morning
November 7, 2015


Saturday, 11-07-2015
The buck stops here! Doe
A cute baby comes along
Saturday afternoon
November 7, 2015
The buck stops here!
Sunday, very early morning
November 8, 2015

Another doe
Thursday late morning
November 19, 2015

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