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Deer Hunting:

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My second deer
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2014-2015:  My First Season Hunting Deer!

This gentleman is the one I credit for helping me get started in this great American past-time...
Yes!  It took a black man to make me a better redneck!
His name is Robert and he has hunted deer for 30 years in Georgia.

Robert took me under his wing and showed me the ropes.

(Sorry for the double cliché!)
This is the guy who got me started

----- Putting out the deer corn, Tuesday, 9/30/2014 -----

Robert sez:  "If they gonna get it, they gotta work for it!"

At this point, we are prepping the area around his "honey hole" in Sandersville, Georgia.

This was the stand I used on opening day of
                    deer season Hunt #1 - Saturday
October 18, 2014

Here is the stand that I used on
opening day of deer season,
Saturday, October 18, 2014...

I only used this stand for one day,
as I got nothing and
Robert wanted to use it again.
Incidentally, I saw NOTHING.
                  from tree stand, September 30, 2014
tree stand view, September 30

                  from tree stand, opening day, October 18, 2014
view from ground, September 30
hunting with my S&W M&P 15
using caliber .556 NATO


Afterwards, I used another stand owned by Robert's friend, Edgar, who only came with us one time later in the season...
This was the best stand, because I saw my only buck (a 10-pointer) and I also saw wild hogs a-plenty and two does.
I was in this stand October 25, November 2, November 9, November 28, and January 15.

              stand from a distance        second
              stand close-up

I kept requesting this stand as much as possible to try to get that 10-pointer that I let slip away on October 25.
I never saw him again, though I did hear him bellow on occasion.

The One That Got Away!
9:50 a.m. Saturday, October 25, 2014

The pink oval above shows where a 10-pointer stopped!
This was 45 yards away from my vantage point in Edgar's tree stand.
He bent down and was eating ground based plants; I actually had my cross-hairs on the back of his neck.
At the time, I thought that I should wait and get that shoulder shot -- that was a mistake!
I eventually learned that once you get a deer lensed in your scope,
The deer may not linger for long, and will usually vanish from view by going behind trees.

The following is the same view from Edgar's tree stand on five different occasions:
(Apparently, Edgar didn't come much this season.)
Hunt #2 - Saturday
October 25, 2014
Hunt #3 - Sunday
November 2, 2014
Hunt #4 - Sunday
November 9, 2014
Hunt #6 - Friday
November 28, 2014
Hunt #7 - Thursday
January 15, 2015
Hunt #2
Hunt #3
Hunt #4
Hunt #6
Hunt #7
photo: 11:35 a.m. EDT photo: 2:12 p.m. EST photo: 7:17 a.m. EST photo: 10:28 a.m. EST photo: 7:25 a.m. EST

A third stand (DB's) was used by me on Friday, November 21 (
Hunt #5).
That day is when Edgar came to hunt with me and Robert; that is when Edgar used his own stand.
No photograph of the original location for DB's stand is available, except for a view from it:

November 21, 2014
Hunt #5
photo: 3:48 p.m. EST

 Late that afternoon, I could see in the reflection of my goggles
a doe walking at the 5 o'clock position from me, just behind my stand.

Edgar got nothing, but Robert got himself an 8-pointer with his .300 Win Mag rifle...

Venison... It's what's for dinner!

8-pointer on ground

On the ground, ready for the sled
Robert's first buck of the season!
8-pointer in ground sled

In the sled, now ready for moving

Robert got his buck mount back during September 2015 from
Wayne Kelly's Taxidermy in Stockbridge, GA

Nope!  I didn't get one single deer the whole 2014-2015 season.
But... That didn't stop me.
All it did was whet my appetite for more!

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