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Deer Hunting:

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2016-2017:  Pre-Season trailcam videos
March 2016 Videos of Deer

Seeing deer activity here with no bait inspired me to get a blind built nearby.
The lack of quality of the videos below encouraged me to buy replacement trailcams.
Later in the spring I got some Stealthcams which record sound and don't spook the deer.
Pine Grove Area #1 only  (North Side)

7:43 p.m. CDT March 12, 2016
This doe really seems to be affected by the red LED
1:16 a.m. CDT March 15, 2016
This is one bushy-tailed lopsided-antlered buck

9:59 a.m. CDT March 19, 2016
This button-antler buck also is bothered by the LED
11:19 p.m. CDT March 19, 2016
This buck is hungry


8:23 a.m. CDT March 21, 2016
The first color video of any deer, post-season 2015-2016
2:19 a.m. CDT March 22, 2016
Deer playing "follow the leader"


3:27 a.m. CDT March 23, 2016
Do deer crap in the woods?  Heck, yeah...
3:34 a.m. CDT March 23, 2016
...After that, then goes to eat some more!

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