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Deer Hunting:
My first
                        hunt for deer!
2014 - 2015
My second
                        deer season
2015 - 2016
My third
                        deer season
2016 - 2017
                        fourth deer season
2017 - 2018

PREP WORK in Georgia for
My Third Deer Season!

Washington County, GA

Georgia DNR
regulations .PDF
for modern rifles in
Washington County, Georgia: 

October 22, 2016.

This year, I go back to Sandersville/Tennille, Georgia to go hunt again with Robert!

Washington County in Georgia map

Georgia DNR hunting regulations 2016-2017
This file is LARGE!
(12.9 Mb)

Starting this year, Georgia does mandatory game checks.

Robert took me back to Sandersville for the first time
in nearly two years.   We went Sunday, September 4th, and
Saturday, September 17th, and Saturday, October 15th...

This was to clean up the land leading up to Opening Day for rifle season.

Robert and I cleaned up some of the 167-acre property just
southwest of Sandersville.  The driving path had grown over during
the past year and many saplings were blocking.  Robert brought his
chainsaw and hedge clippers to trim much of the offending growth.

Robert clipping or "lopping" branches Robert chain-sawing saplings

We found evidence of hogs on September 4th.

I placed a mineral block in the hole
that wild hogs had already dug up.

They also leave their distinctive
hoof prints:

This area is in Robert's "Honey Hole."

I keep my KSG shotgun at the ready,
just in case wild hogs pay me a visit.

As Robert and I cleaned the areas around the stands,
he had me pick the sites where I may hunt for deer (or wild hogs).
That will really depend on who all shows up on Opening Day
Some of the folks in Robert's hunting party already have dibs before me,
so I will get whatever tree stand is left over.

Here are three potential stands
I was planning to use for Opening Day, October 22:

First choice of deer stand
Robert's #2 stand
Third choice of deer stand
DB's stand
Second choice of deer stand
Pop's stand
this is in the "Honey Hole" close
to where I first hunted ever

this stand is what I used only once
(now moved) in November 2014
this is near where I missed my
first buck back in October 2014
Ultimately, I used a different stand (Edgar's) for October 22.

On September 17, Robert and I used "loppers" (hedge cutters) and a powered pole saw to trim brush.
The pole saw really made my shoulder sore after holding it in the same position for about two hours.
Edgar was also there with his classic blue tractor widening the driving path on the land.

Toward the end of this day, we all threw out corn near the tree stands.


On October 15, Edgar brought his new lawn mower and other tools to minimize the brush.
I assisted everyone by trimming any tall branches which blocked the view from the tree stands.


I decided at the last minute to bring one of the trail cameras from Roanoke to Sandersville.
Here is a couple of unusual photos where all three of us are captured in the frame:


Edgar did not come on Opening Day, so l used his stand pictured above.
Yes!  This is where I mostly hunted two years ago.
As you will soon see, I reaped a reward by choosing this stand!!!

This part of Georgia is really beautiful!

The pathway shown above is
what I call "wild hog alley"

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Mark Gainey
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