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Deer Hunting: 
My first
                        hunt for deer!
2014 - 2015
My second
                        deer season
2015 - 2016
My third
                        deer season
2016 - 2017
                        fourth deer season
2017 - 2018
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 Other animals to hunt
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hunting wild turkeys and feral hogs in Georgia

turkey and hog hunting prep work:
  March 5        &        March 18

Update:  I was sick on weekend of March 24 and again on April 1,
so Robert and I postponed to Sunday, April 9

My first wild turkey on camera!
This animated GIF was obtained
from a March 31 video.
a Toikey!

This illustrates the result from my first and only
turkey hunt, which occurred April 9, 2017.

I did go back to Sandersville on May 13, but it rained the whole time.

Other things came along afterwards


Saturday, August 26, 2017
For the first time EVER, I finally get swine on camera.

I put a new Browning Strikeforce HD Pro Trailcam in the field
in Sandersville
and it took great videos with sound.

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Hunting Locations:
Sandersville, Georgia (and Tennille, Georgia)
Roanoke, Alabama (near Wedowee, Alabama)
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coming later:  videos of animals other than deer
[coyotes, foxes, raccoon, rabbits, opossum, armadillos, woodchucks, etc.]
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